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15 November Ruled indigent, reputed mobsters to get free legal representation

Soccer showcase-Touts and mafia cash in

Gulf ministers of interior discuss terrorism and extremism

14 November Italian police hunt down escaped

Americas Adopt Pact Against Arms Smuggling

Singapore Soccer Bribery

U.N. plan seeks to end opium and coca production worldwide

Zedillo, Clinton to discuss trade, drugs, immigration

Plan to seize crime assets, guilty or not

State to probe contractor for jail project

13 November Venezuela minister warns bankers plotting return

Spanish police arrest Naples mafia

Spanish police probe murder of three Germans

Brazil makes progress on money-laundering

Colombia braces for criticism on extradition ban

Long-sought Italian mafia figure arrested in Spain

12 November Bulgaria To Toughen Rules For CD Producers

Paver wins libel settlement with national magazine

Taiwan approves death penalty for gun-toting offenders

Raids result in unexpected arrest

Ex-manager among 8 charged with theft from utility

A street tough agrees to talk in a drug case

11 November Alleged mobster pleads guilty, agrees to help prosecutors

Gypsy Thieves in the Slammer LINK MAY NOT WORK

Justice Woodward killed in crash

Appeals court backs lawsuit against hit man book publisher