Archive News

17 December Suspected mafia `godmother' arrested in Italy

Credit scam busted

Court documents say mafia suspect put money into sheriff's campaign

16 December Feds: Jeweler laundered money for mob

'Unscrupulous' immigration agents targeted

Law enforcement warns gangs

Call for Federal cash to fight crime

D.H. Blair Response to Wall Street Journal

15 December Russian crime a threat to UK national security

Shopping center buyer's CEO is under indictment

Ill-gotten gains may be seized

14 December Cops pray for a break in mob hit

Senior Italian mafioso held

13 December Five arrested in thefts of railroad property

Biloxi's Back Bay may get four more casinos

Organised crime investigator quits after false evidence charge

12 December Russia’s mafia: no problem too big

Police foil plot to free Mafiosi from jail

Ukrainian guest of LeBow attended Clinton fund-raiser after visa revoked

Feds target street gang

11 December Former East Coast Hells Angels President Sentenced to 20 Years

Drugs, guns seized in raid

Probe of Hoffa's Teamster campaign widens as Carey backers settle

10 December Mafia infiltrates U.S. naval base

Mafia crimefighter buried with police honors

9 December Mob Boss Sentenced To Jail Time

As Hotbed for Drug Trade, Caribbean Nations Suffer

Top Argentines may be caught up in photographer's murder

Crimean Bomb Kills 1, Injures 5

Lawmakers study tobacco black market risks

900 pounds of cocaine found in plane

Russian mob at home in Miami

8 December Arsonists attack Macau gambling inspector's car

Bulgaria: Corruption Problems Call For Action

Political gangsters fight over the spoils

South Shore Men Sentenced In $50 Million Interstate Theft Conspiracy

Reporting in Mexico is a deadly beat

Journalist fails in attempt to gain FBI surveillance tapes

Bad Jokes, Nudes, BMWs at Mafia Web Site

7 December Mob 'scores' with strip club

To escape the mob, a businessman transfers his firm to the church

6 December Sense of Adventure Betrays Many

5 December CIA Sees No Near-Term Threat to Castro's Power

Bulgaria PM urges measures against organised crime

Wall St. probe may widen

Anti-drug crusader sent back to jail on 1992 charge

Attack Focuses Spotlight on Crusading Tijuana Press

Racketeer charges possible in Louisiana

4 December Russian jailed in visa flap

Media tycoon Berlusconi convicted in film company deal

Stanfa mob hanger-on gets a break from judge

Mexican journalist remains in critical condition after shooting

3 December
2 December Smuggling suspect in trouble again

49ers chief steps down, could face indictment with former governor

Corporate racketeer admits taking bribes in financial scandal

Former Louisiana gov, DeBartolo could face indictment

Cavallo gets haven for corruption

Taiwan gives Panama choppers to fight crime

U.S. expands Wall Street mob probe

Sweden, Russia sign deals on crime

Scandal-plagued Miami must fight to lure business

Another businessman killed in Odessa

Alleged mob captain enters guilty plea

Federal indictments could tie mob to North Texas

1 December Apoligizes to Versace family

Versace Fashion House Wins Libel Damages In Britain

N.Y. Probe Targets Brokerage Firm

American entrepreneurs in Russia: `hard but very rewarding'

Chinese Crime Ring Muscles In

Juarez Cartel Carries On