Book Review Gangsta : The Sinister Spread of Yardie Gun Culture
by John Davison

Published by Trafalgar Square
Publication date: August 1997
ISBN: 1901250024

Yardie is the name given to the branch of organized crime operated by Jamacians in Britain. The name Yardie originates from the slang term used by Jamacians from the ghettos of Kingston, Jamacia - the 'Yard'. In North America the term Posse is given to this same group of people.

This book attempts to uncover the truth about Jamacian crime from its origins in Jamacia to the US and onto Britain. Davison tells the story from his own perspective providing a balanced view of the situation from all sides.

Not only does Davison spend time with British and American law enforcement officials but he also 'hangs out' with the boys in the ghettos themselves. The political connections with the gangs are covered well in an informative fashion.

Overall I found the book very enlightening and educational presented in a clear,unbiased manner that truly does credit to Davison' investigative background.

I have great pleasure in recommending this title to anyone who wants a clearer insight into the fascinating world of Jamacian organized crime.

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