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How To Defeat Organized Crime
This article originally appeared in Costal Post, April 1997.

Sweeping It Under The Carpet: The Role Of Accountancy Firms In Money Laundering
A paper for presentation at the Critical Perspectives on Accounting Symposium, Baruch College, New York, 26-28 April 1996.

International Efforts To Contain Money Laundering
Paper presented at the Seminar "Money Laundering: Joining Forces To Prevent It"

Money Laundering And The Law: The Problem And Its Solutions
Basic Introduction to the Complex Topic of Money Laundering

International Money Laundering
Enforcement Challenges And Opportunities

The Proceeds Of Crime
Problems Of Investigation And Prosecution

Money Laundering
A Framework for Understanding U.S. Efforts Overseas

The New Ethnic Mobs : The Changing Face of Organized Crime in America
by William G. Kleinknecht

Organized Crime
by Michael D. Lyman, Gary W. Potter

Concepts of Vice, Narcotics, and Organized Crime
by Denny F. Pace

Contemporary Issues in Organized Crime
by Jay Albanese

Organized Crime : A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues)
by Patrick J. Ryan

Office of International Criminal Justice
"The Office of International Criminal Justice was founded in 1984 as a center for excellence in education, research, development, and training at the University of Illinois at Chicago."

CISC: Criminal Intelligence Service Canada
"The law enforcement organization that unites Canadian Police agencies in the fight against organized crime."

Marios Cyberspace Station
Comprehensive site covering many organized crime issues and lots of news by freelance journalist Mario Profaca. Don't like the design personally, too cluttered for my liking but your welcome to try your luck!