Misc Site Index

- True Crime Ink
Books on assassination,depression, gangsters,gambling/con artists,old west,organized crime,police,serial killing and terrorism
- Marios Cyberspace Station
Comprehensive site covering many organized crime issues and lots of news by freelance journalist Mario Profaca.
- Committe for a Safe Society
"Is organized crime a parasitic life force? Is it a natural social phenomenon? How does organized crime affect you? Find out!"
- Office of International Criminal Justice
"The Office of International Criminal Justice was founded in 1984 as a center for excellence in education, research, development, and training at the University of Illinois at Chicago."
- CISC: Criminal Intelligence Service Canada
"The law enforcement organization that unites Canadian Police agencies in the fight against organized crime."
- Asian Organized Crime In Australia
A Discussion Paper by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority.
- LIUNA, organized crime and the Clinton Administration
A Government Reform Project Study By Kenneth R. Weinstein
- The Money Laundering Compliance Website
Very slow when I checked, so couldn't evaluate.
- The Empire of Crime
A Mother Jones investigation by Frank Viviano.
- Organized Crime Threatens the New World Order
"As criminal capitalism replaces communism: Organized Crime Threatens the New World Order" From NameBase NewsLine, No. 8, January-March 1995.
- Organized Crime and Product Counterfeiting
"Organized crime is now heavily involved in product counterfeiting. Why? Counterfeiting operations are relatively risk-free and offer enormous profits."