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1st Oct 97

These sites are created by individuals like me


A good site concentrating on Mafia related issues.

The Unoffical Goodfellas Web Page

Under construction when I checked 3rd October 1997

Marios Cyberspace Station

Comprehensive site covering many organized crime issues and lots of news by
freelance journalist Mario Profaca

Anthony Stilleto's Mafia Homepage

Some mugshots here

Yakuza: Past and Present

A good history report by Adam Johnson

The John Gotti Tribute Page

"A tribute to John Gotti and other Italian Americans who have been railroaded under the
RICO act and through the use of paid government informants and witnesses."

William L. Cassidy Home Page

"time to return to home page 101: some things that are vaguely meaningful to me and
maybe you will find them interesting as well.that's what the web was supposed to be all about, right?"

"An elegant bank stands amid shabby apartment buildings; a luxurious hotel is surrounded by slums; from a brightly illuminated airport one plunges into the darkness of a grim, squalid city . . . ." Ryszard Kapuscinski describes a journey in post-Soviet Russia