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Russia's Global Crime Cartel
Dirty cops in the former Soviet Union run both sides of the law

The New Mafia Order
A Mother Jones investigation by Frank Viviano

The Red Mafia: A Legacy of Communism
by Annelise Anderson

The Sexy Russian Mafia
by Lydia S. Rosner

The New Stage of The Fight Against Organized Crime In Russia
by Victor Shabalin, J.L. Albini, R.E. Rogers

Russian Organized Crime
by Daniel E. Lungren, Attorney General, State of California

Russian Organized Crime : Global Organized Crime Project (Csis Task Force Report)
Center for Strategic & Intl Studies, September 30, 1997

Russian Organized Crime : The New Threat
by Phil Williams (Editor)

Time Bomb : How Terrorists and the Russian Mafia Threaten the World With a Nuclear Nightmare
by Joel Seidman, Patricia Finneran Allingham

Alexandre Konanykhine V. Russian Mafia
"A well-documented case of KGB manipulation of the U.S. government illustrates the degree of criminalization of Russia and corruption of the Russian government."

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