Mafia Articles

Russian Threat of the Russian Mafia
A news type article.
Russian FBI: Hearing on Russian Organized Crime, April 30th 1996
"The political, social, and economic changes occurring in Eastern Europe and in the former Soviet Republics have provided significant, unintended opportunities for organized crime groups and criminal enterprises in these countries to expand internationally. "
Italian The New Mafia Order
"The 'sistema,' which has ruled Sicily since my great-grandparents were children, has grown into a transnational empire of crime, and a trading power of phenomenal reach." A Mother Jones investigation by Frank Viviano."
Russian The Red Mafia: A Legacy of Communism
A long report by Annelise Anderson.
American Godfather IV
"In the empire of crime, the U.S. mafia is just a supporting actor" A Mother Jones investigation by Frank Viviano.
Russian Russian Mafia Shakes Down the Country
Short report by Steven R. Van Hook(First published November 20, 1994).
American The Golden Age of the New York Mob
"If you think New York is a tough place to grow up now, you just have no idea. "
Russian Is he the Godfather of the Kremlin?
"Boris Berezovsky, not Boris Yeltsin, may be the most powerful man in Russia."
Russian Mafia-busters Score Victories In Battle Against Organized Crime
"Though lawbreaking is nothing new to Russia, the words 'organized crime' were never breathed in Soviet times. These days they're shouted everywhere."
Russian Speech by Louis J. Freeh, Director of the FBI
Speech given before the U.S.-Russia Business Council's Third Annual Forecast Conference,March 30, 1995
Russian Russia's Global Crime Cartel- The New American May 27, 1996
"Dirty cops in the former Soviet Union run both sides of the law" by William Norman Grigg