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Who got Yakuza into our banking system?
A report from the 'Tokyo Kaleidoscoop' magazine.

Yakuza: Past and Present
A good history report by Adam Johnson.

More Eyes On Yakuza's Role In Japanese Economy
This article orginally appeared in Japan Economic Institute, May 8, 1992

The Dark Side of Japan
Article by Mary-Lea Cox

Yakuza Entrepreneurs Active Behind the Scenes
Article by Ito Hirotoshi, Journalist

Silence of the Calves
E. Coli O157, Food Distribution and the Yakuza -- and Poisoned Children -- a Case of Bacteriological Terrorism?

Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia
Article by Miyuki I. Sundara

The war for bad-loan recovery has started
Article by Takarabe Seiichi, Journalist

Yakuza : The Explosive Account of Japan's Criminal Underworld
by David E. Kaplan, Alec Dubro

Yakuza Diary : Doing Time in the Japanese Underworld
by Christopher Seymour

The Photography : Yakuza, Portraits of Japanese Gangs
by Michio Soejima

The tattooed men : an American woman reports on the Japanese criminal underworld
by Florence Rome

Yakuza Film List
A very good list of Yakuza film information.

Viking Phoenix Web Page
A very comprehensive Yakuza information site.

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