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1st Oct 97

These sites contain indepth articles, reports or commentary
on the effect of organized crime on society.

Organized Crime: Committe for a Safe Society

"Is organized crime a parasitic life force? Is it a natural social phenomenon? How does organized
crime affect you? Find out!"

Office of International Criminal Justice

"The Office of International Criminal Justice was founded in 1984 as a center for excellence in
education, research, development, and training at the University of Illinois at Chicago."

CISC: Criminal Intelligence Service Canada

"The law enforcement organization that unites Canadian Police agencies in the fight against
organized crime."

The New Mafia Order

"The 'sistema,' which has ruled Sicily since my great-grandparents were children, has grown into a
transnational empire of crime, and a trading power of phenomenal reach." A Mother Jones investigation
by Frank Viviano

FBI: Hearing on Russian Organized Crime, April 30th 1996

"The political, social, and economic changes occurring in Eastern Europe and in the former
Soviet Republics have provided significant, unintended opportunities for organized crime groups
and criminal enterprises in these countries to expand internationally. "

Rusian Organized Crime: California's Newest Threat

"Russian organized crime, unfortunately, has thrived in the new economic system, and has moved
beyond Russia’s borders. Not surprisingly, law enforcement experts in the United States have
detected a Russian organized crime presence in several states, including California.

Asian Organized Crime In Australia

A Discussion Paper by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority

Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia By Miyuki I. Sundarat

An article which appeared in 'Horizons:A journal of international writing and art', vol2 1996

Viking Phoenix Web Page - Japan, Incorporated:The Yakuza

A very comprehensive Yakuza information site.

Who got Yakuza into our banking system?

A report from the 'Tokyo Kaleidoscoop' magazine

"An elegant bank stands amid shabby apartment buildings; a luxurious hotel is surrounded by slums; from a brightly illuminated airport one plunges into the darkness of a grim, squalid city . . . ." Ryszard Kapuscinski describes a journey in post-Soviet Russia